Tim Cohen

Concerning your own work, you state: ”It is scriptural and historic merge of historicism and futurism.” I am particularly curious regarding your conclusions here. In fact, very few have ever even begun to have this insight (apart from common understandings of dual or multiple fulfillments of a variety of prophecies across time), though you will find that my upcoming series goes very far beyond this, demonstrating that all the weeks of scripture are patterned after the Crucifixion Week, and that once these weeks are all harmonized, there is a testable and provable merger between the futurist, idealist (symbolical), historicist and preterist views, as well as the various combinations of them, and that this unified approach also enable disproving those aspects of each view that are actually false or mistaken while simultaneously greatly expanding the import of each of these ”schools” or views. So, that you would even suggest a merger between one or more aspects of historicism and futurism intrigues me. I was not much younger than you (22 I believe) when I first recognized what I’ve just shared, and in fact, it has been my lifelong study of that realization, along with what I also knew at 22 about Prince Charles, that has led to all my written works, including those that are upcoming. Samuel, you are on the right track with this.