27 independent reasons why I believe that Prince Charles is the biblical Antichrist.

My father once requested that I would make an article where I list all the 27 different reasons why I believe that Prince Charles is the final Antichrist (1 John 2:18 says there are many antichrists, but only one the Antichrist). I made already such a listing in my 700-pages e-book summary, but here I’m trying to deal with each and every point in a little bit more detail. Without proper background information for each point – either biblical or other-, they can be easily twisted into a caricature. For this reason, I first presented my justifications in 12 Chapters of my book and after that, I made a short summary of my all arguments to intertwine its leads and to frame the complete overall picture. Of course, it is always easier to jump straight to the end of the book and look quickly at its summary. But in that case, the reader does not make a justification to the author or gets an appropriate picture of my book’s extensive arguments. 

An update from the author (May 3, 2023): This article of mine has got a lot of attention since I wrote it back in 2018. I apologize for its a bit messy look. At some point all pictures in my article resized themselves, and for some reason, I cannot change them to smaller sizes. I apologize also for three videos of mine (from 2020, 2022, and 2023) at the beginning of this article but I thought they could get more views via this article that has got more readers than I would have ever imagined. Please, consider buying also my 426-page English book on the subject that you can find on the home page of my website or Amazon.com.

Note: This is an English translation of my Finnish article which you can find here: 27 itsenäistä syytä siihen miksi uskon Prinssi Charlesin olevan Raamatun Antikristus. A translation was made partly by Google and partly by manually (I also used Grammarly writing assistant for better English grammar). In this article, many links lead to my previous blog posts which are written in Finnish. You can translate them only with Google translation tool, but the quality is often very bad and misleading.

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Why is Prince Charles the most plausible Antichrist candidate at this moment?

This manifested well from a response I got on my book in September 2015. A certain person whose name I won’t mention – aka. Pekka Immonen – suggested that I should concentrate on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair instead of Charles. Our discussion soon went to my book 27 independent causes on behalf of Prince Charles. He wrote: ”Samuel’s prophecy fulfillment on pages 693-696, are over-interpreted trash. Sorry.” When I inquired into more specific reasons for such a harsh judgment, he went through all of my book’s summary of the prophecies and explained why he thought they were ”over-interpreted trash”. In fact, the only thing which was over-interpreted trash was his interpretation of my book’s summary.

I quickly noted that he had not read my entire book, but only its short summary and did not deny it either. He also complained about the lack of sources, although I specifically mentioned that detailed reasoning for each of the 27 prophecies, their fulfillment in Prince Charles, and their sources could be found in 12 Chapters of my book. You are free to criticize my book for many different reasons – I would rather rewrite it from start to finish  – but such a ”straw man” which Immonen presented on my arguments was at least derogatory considering great effort I had put on my book. It was the result of ten years of research and two and a half years of writing. A straw man is a reference to ”an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent’s argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be ’attacking a straw man.'” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man)

Of course, in this article, it is not possible to comprehensively look over all of my book’s arguments in favor of Prince Charles. Handling each individual prophecy in detail would require a whole Chapter of the book. If one Chapter corresponds to 26 pages, then 27 prophecy fulfillment could comprise 702 pages. This is just one page more than my actual book. It has not been constructed, of course, in this way, and a more laconic person could have presented its reasoning in a much smaller space. But since I have already addressed my book’s numerous arguments in many previous blog posts, I put the link into them so you can read further if you need more specific information on my each and every claim. I try to handle each of the 27 prophecy fulfillment on one page so that my article would not stretch much longer than 27 pages. Let’s see how I succeed here (on one page I refer to the print scale 70, so if you print this article, make sure that the page’s output scale is not 100 where one page is equivalent to two).

Note. The conversation between me and Pekka is already on my homepage, so I do not see a problem to use this person’s name in this article. My intention is not to attack him personally. If you read this, Pekka, you are still my dear brother in Jesus Christ. Our dispute is only between issues, not between people. Our eschatological differences should not undermine the most important thing that unites us all as Christians, namely Jesus Christ, who is Head of the Body of Christ and the Savior of all Christians. As Jesus prayed, ”That they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me.” (John 17:21)

Prophecy fulfillment #1

The first prophecy and its fulfillment in Prince Charles were following:

The Antichrist arises during that generation that sees Israel’s national revival (Ezek. 36:24: Matt. 24:32-34, 2 Thess. 2:4). Fulfillment: Prince Charles was born the same year as Israel became the independent nation from the British Empire in 1948; for the first time since the Kingdom of Israel and Judah and 2,500 years of diaspora.

Immonen’s brief and to the point of objection to this: ”Not found in the Bible”. Indeed, this was not in any way even controversial claim, as virtually all dispensationalists have endorsed it. Numerous prophecies on the Old and New Testament require Israel’s national revival, the return of Jerusalem to the Jews, and the third temple before the Antichrist’s 42 months reign and the Second Coming (and that all that should happen within one generation). These prophecies could be dealt with more broadly, but above I already mentioned three Scriptures in this area. This prophecy alone, of course, would be a very weak argument for Prince Charles, when he is hardly the only person on our planet who was born in or after 1948. But I also emphasized here, that he was born of the very Gentile nation which gave birth to the present Jewish state. There are perhaps millions in the United Kingdom who were born in 1948, so at this moment we are still on very thin ice (and no prophecy in Scriptures specifically requires that Antichrist should have been born in 1948). This prophecy (or prophecies) schedule the birth of the Antichrist to the time of Israel’s rebirth or later, and Prince Charles is thus suitable for this criterion.

Prophecy fulfillment #2

Prophecy: The Antichrist is a prince within the boundaries of the ancient Roman Empire (Dan. 9: 26-27). Fulfillment: Charles is the Prince of Wales (England and Wales belonged to the north-western provinces of Roman Empire).

Immonen’s objection: ”Where is the connection to Prince Charles?”, quoting after that Daniel’s Chapter 9 of the prince who ”shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate”.  It is clear that a layman, who is not familiar with the interpretation of the prophetic Scriptures, may not understand here the explicit reference point. Precisely for this reason, I explored in my book so thoroughly Daniel’s prophesies like the 70 weeks and others. There is not so much controversy in this argument either. In practice, all dispensationalists prophecy teachers say that Dan. 9:27 is the prophecy of the Antichrist. To deal with this matter with more precise details would, of course, require many additional pages, but suffice it to say that some of the earliest Church Fathers taught Dan. 9:27 as the prophecy of the Antichrist. This was taught, for example, by Bishop Irenaeus (Against Heresies, Book 5, Chapter 25), who lived in the First Century AD. Irenaeus was a disciple of Polycarp who, in turn, was a disciple of Apostle John whose letters are only in the Bible, of which the word ”Antichrist” has become to common usage. Thus it is not a new doctrine but the very original one that our Lord himself upheld when He said:

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains… For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. – Matt. 24:15-16, 21

Roman Empire in 69, a year before the temple was destroyed. According to the map, present Wales was not yet a part of the Roman Empire but its conquest began in 43 AD and was completed by the year 79 when Titus became the Emperor of Rome. Titus was also personally involved in the Conquest of Britain.

On the ”abomination of desolation” Jesus refers here to such passages in the Book of Daniel as Dan. 9:27 and 11:31. These Scriptures speak of the Antichrist whose coming He attaches to the Day of His Second Coming. The context of Dan 9:27 associates this person to preceding verse about ”the people of the prince that shall come [and] shall destroy the city and the sanctuary”. This verse referred to Prince Titus and his people to the Romans. Titus destroyed the city of Jerusalem and its temple in 70 AD. This was the beginning of the Jewish diaspora which lasted nearly two millennia. Verse 27 does not speak of Titus but the coming Antichrist, as Irenaeus also understood in the First Century AD. Sir Robert Anderson, who was knighted by Queen Victoria, published in 1881 a book called The Coming Prince, which had a significant impact on the dispensationalist prophecy school of the 20th Century.  The rest of my claim is unquestionable historical fact. England and Wales also belonged to the old Roman Empire, so Charles is thus a prince within boundaries of ancient Roman Empire, like Dan. 9:27 seems to hint. But the next prophecy takes this picture into more precise details about the national origin of the Antichrist.

Prophecy fulfillment #3

Prophecy: Antichrist is associated with ”the people of the prince that shall come [and] shall destroy the city and the sanctuary”, i.e. to the Prince of Romans (Dan. 9:27, Luke 21:20). Fulfillment: After Germanic tribes invaded the Western Roman Empire, Wales maintained its independence and Roman heritage yet for many Centuries; for this reason, its name derives from the old Germanic word which means ”Romans”. Thus, the title ”Prince of Wales” signifies etymologically and also ethnically the Prince of Romans.

Wales (Roman Wales) and the Eastern Roman Empire at the end of Heraclius’ reign in 633 – which was also predicted in the Book of Daniel – just before the Arab conquest. In 410, the Western Roman Emperor Honorius handed over to the British their independence in order to focus on defending continental Europe from the Germans. With the exception of Wales, the entire Western Empire was captured by the Germans, while Eastern Empire was absorbed eventually by the Arabs and the Turks.

Here I refer to Dan. 9:26-27 and at its parallel passage, Luke 21:20, which both connects the Antichrist to Titus and thus to the Romans. He is therefore not only a prince who will rise within the boundaries of ancient Roman Empire (what also Dan 7:24 insist), but he must also be specifically the Prince of Romans like Titus was. Thus this prophecy seems to exclude those areas within Roman Empire which belong today to Arabs, Turks or Slavic nationalities. In other words, the whole area around the Mediterranean, which once belonged to the Eastern Roman Empire (note: In my book, I have also dealt with details such topic as the ”Assyrian Antichrist” which explains why he should arise from the parts of Eastern Roman Empire, or modern Syria, see prophecy fulfillment #7 and 8).  Alongside with Italy, all those peoples of Europe who speak Romanic languages, heirs to the ancient Latin, could be seen today as heirs to the ancient Roman peoples.  This includes countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, and Romania. Germany, England, and Sweden belong to the Germanic peoples and Germanic linguistic groups. Nevertheless, even the Romanic peoples of Europe are not purely the heirs of ancient Romans. During the Migration Period of Fifth Century, the Germanic tribes that came from the Scandinavian and Germania occupied the entire Western Empire.

The present peoples of Europe are the heirs of those ancient Germanic tribes of Western Europe. Visigoths and Sueves settled to current Spain and Portugal, Ostrogoths to Italian peninsula, Franks to modern France and Gebids, among others, to modern Romania. All of them were Germanic peoples. With the collapse of Western Roman Empire in 476, they formed those ten kingdoms of Rome, which Daniel 7:24 saw beforehand. This is an issue I have dealt in details here (from biblical and historical perspective). The only people who maintained their independence and Roman traditions for centuries after the Germanic invasions were the Welsh people. Unlike Anglo-Saxons, Wales is part of Celtic peoples as well as Scotland and Ireland. So they are not actually a Roman people (if you mean by the ”Romans” merely of ancient Italians), but Wales was a part of ancient Roman Empire and retained Roman culture and traditions for centuries after the Germanic Migration Period. That is why they called them in their Germanic neighborhood the ”Welsh people” which is Germanic root word for the Wales and Cornwall and which meant ”Romans”.

As web article The Dragon and the Eagle says: ”It is cognate to Waalsch (the Dutch word for the Walloons, their Romance-speaking neighbours in Belgium), to Welsche (until recently the German word for all their Romance-speaking neighbours, still used in Swiss German for French-speakers in Switzerland, and by German-speakers in the Tyrol for Italians), and to Wallachia (the part of Romania bordering on German-speaking settlements in Hungary)”. Charles’s second most renowned title after the Prince of Wales is the Duke of Cornwall. The word ”Duke” is derived directly from the Latin word dux, which meant a military leader, a commander, or a provincial governor of Rome. Thus Charles’s two most important titles refer to the Roman Prince and the Roman military commander, such as Titus was when he led the Roman armies against Jerusalem in 70 AD. Along with some other Scriptures, Daniel 9:27 also excludes the origin of the Antichrist in the Middle East, and thus refutes the theory of the Assyrian Antichrist (see also prophecy fulfillment #6 and #8). Immonen’s objection to this was again compelling: ”Where’s the link with Prince Charles?”

Interesting side note: Prince Charles was born 666 years after Edvard I conquered Wales in 1282. Edvard I was the father of Prince Edward II, the first Prince of Wales. Edward II was born in the Caernarfon Castle. There was also held the investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales in 1969, which is related to prophecy fulfillment #17

Note. For more detailed information on Daniel’s vision of the 70 weeks, see my article here . 

Prophecy fulfillment #4

Prophecy: Many Bible verses calls the Antichrist as a ”man” (Dan. 7:8, 2 Thess. 2:3, Rev. 13:18). Fulfillment: Name ”Charles” is derived from an ancient Germanic word for a man.

Immonen’s objection: ”Where is the source? The word ’ruler’ can also be translated as’ Prince ’and’ the man ’in the power, establishment, those in authority, the man.'” The source of the etymological origin of name ”Charles” can be found here:  https://www.behindthename.com/name/charles. At this point, I do not even understand Immonen’s objection as this prophecy fulfillment related to the expression ”man” used of the Antichrist. When Jesus is called the Son of Man (Dan 7:13, Matt. 24:30, Rev. 1:13), the Antichrist is called a man. For example, I mentioned three Bible passages on the generally recognized Antichrist prophecies. Dan. 7: 8 says: ”I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man [Charles], and a mouth speaking great things.” 2 Tess. 2:3 says, ”Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man [Charles] of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” Revelation 13:18 says, ”Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man [Charles]; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” 

I admit that an argument of this short on its own would be very weak on behalf of Prince Charles, but my faith is not based on any individual prophecy fulfillment, but a sum of their all.  This should be categorized rather to the section of ”interesting coincidences”. In Biblical times, the names that were given to children always had some prophetic meaning. For example, the Hebrew name of Jesus, Yeshua, is a verbal derivative of the word ”to save, to deliver.” In the gospel of Matthew, the angel told Joseph: ”And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS [Yeshua]: for he shall save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21) It must also be mentioned that the Antichrist was unveiled already in the extra-biblical prophecies of the Middle Ages as a Western-European prince whose name would be Charles, but since such prophecies do not come directly from the Bible, I left them out of the prophecies of these 27 prophecy fulfillment. I will return to this issue later. The next prophecy fulfillment is one of the most important biblical criteria for any Antichrist candidate and one of the most important justifications for Prince Charles.

Prophecy fulfillment #5

Prophecy: The name of the Antichrist should count up 666 by using Greek-Hebrew gematria (Rev. 13:18). Fulfillment: Prince Charles’ official title Charles, Prince of Wales, sums up 666 both in English and Hebrew by using the decimal system of Hebrew-Greek gematria (what earliest Church Fathers also used).

Immonen’s objection to this was again completely silly: ”Also Bill Gates, Barack Obama, the current Pope, etc. count up 666”. If the names of dozens of dead and still alive people can be derived the number 666 by using several different calculation methods, does it mean that the correct method of calculation does not exist then? So how can we count the Number of the Beast when the right Antichrist appears? This kind of answer shows the same intellectual laziness as the atheists’ objection that the Bible cannot be inspired by Almighty God when there are so many contradictory interpretations, or that Jesus cannot return to earth as expected for 2000 years since it has been subjected to a number of misguided predictions. Such an answer reminds me of the famous fairy tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. It is an instructive story of lying but is also well suited to the eschatological context. People – including the saints of Christ – have heard so often the false alarm about the wolf (ie. Antichrist) so now that they also ignore the right warnings of the real wolf.

But if there is a pseudo-science, then why can not we talk about pseudo-eschatology as well? As if all Bible interpretation would be on the same line and no one could distinguish the wrong interpretations from the right. Most of the examples where the names of different persons are counted 666 are very artificial and non-biblical. Immonen mentions, for example, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and the current Pope. Obama’s full name Barack Hussein Obama does not get on the biblical gematria – number system where every letter of the alphabet corresponds to a particular number – number 666 but 793. That number 666 is calculated by using the difference (subtraction) between Barack Hussein Obama and Obama’s childhood nickname Barry Soetoro (Obama’s Indonesian stepfather surname was Soetero). The numerical value of that last mentioned is 1458, so 1458-793 is not actually 666 but 665. Advocates of this theory may say that if you include number 793, you get 666 between those two numbers.

As for Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world, his name has been transformed to 666 by using the ASCII code for ”Bill Gates III”. ASCII code is American Standard Code for Information Interchange which way our computers communicate with each other and internally. But this belongs more to the myths of the Internet era, which have been repeated on several websites over and over again, and no one has been bothered to find out the truth about it. The ASCII code for BILL GATES (in capital letters) generates a numeric value of 663. The Number of the Beast has been obtained by adding III or 3. However, in ASCII code III does not represent 3 but 147 (if the Roman number I corresponds to number 1 in the keyboard) or 219 (if I correspond to the capital letter I in the keyboard). Thus, BILL GATES III has a numeric value of either 810 or 882. Additionally, why does this counting method ignore his full name William Henry ”Bill” Gates III?

I am not even aware of current Pope’s name alleged 666 connection, but I bet that you end up there with just as stupid calculation methods as in the aforementioned examples. I know already that the Vicarius Filii Dei (Representative of the Son of God), a title that was used by Popes for several centuries, forms 666 in Roman numerals. The popes apparently noticed this (when the Protestants brought it out in their anti-Papacy writings) and thought it was a bad PR for their institution when they changed it to Vicarius Christi or substitute of Christ (whom the Pontiffs have called themselves since Innocentius III). This didn’t help much their case as name ”antichrist” in New Testament literally means substitute or surrogate Christ (alongside opposite Christ). The Pope (or rather the Papal institution) is one of the many prophecied antichrists in the Bible, as I have already argued in my book with historical details. The Pope, however, is not the First Beast of the Revelation, whose name count up 666 (the pope is much more likely to fill the place of the Second Beast of Revelation).

Immonen ignores the fact I already emphasized in this prophecy fulfillment; that the title of Prince Charles sums up 666 by using the Greek-Hebrew decimal -system where Revelation 13:18 refers in its original context. At the time of St. John there was no computers or ASCII code. John’s lifetime, the most widely spoken language in the Church was neither Latin but Greek and the roots of the Church were in Judaism. For this reason, Johannes refers to the Greek-Hebrew number system that was most commonly known to Christians of his lifetime, and where the first letter of the alphabet corresponded to number 1, the second letter to number 2, the third letter to number 3, … The 10th letter to number 10, 11th letter to number 20, 12th letter to number 30,… 19th letter to number 100, 20th letter to number 200, 21st letter to number 300, etc. Since there are only 22 letters in Hebrew alphabet, the maximum value was 400.


In this method – applied to the English alphabet – the official title of Prince Charles, Charles, Prince of Wales, calculates the Number of the Beast 666. Letter ”W” is the 23rd letter of the English alphabet, so it is more faithful to the original Hebrew gematria to count its value to zero instead of 500. If its numerical value would be 500, Charles, Prince of Wales would not add up number 666 but instead 1166. Furthermore, Charles’ Hebrew name צרלס, נסיך מוילס – the Greek word for ”name” in Revelation 13:17 is an onoma, which refers equally to the titles of rulers – counts also 666 as the adjacent chart shows, and as the Messianic Jew Monte Judah already noticed at the beginning of the 80s when he visited in Israel and saw how his title was written in Hebrew newspapers. However, to be honest, I have noted that Charles’ title in the Hebrew spelling, for example, in Wikipedia, and many Hebrew websites does not correspond to the way it is written in Tim Cohen’s book The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea. I personally asked this Tim Cohen, who emailed me the following answer:

Shalom Samuel,

Actually, you raise a very good question, and it has surprised me over the years that others have not similarly raised it.  This said, it is a question I have addressed in detail in the upcoming second edition of The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea.  You may rely upon the spelling that Monte and I have given, as it is actually correct, whereas Wikipedia is not.  Beyond this, I also address issues surrounding trying to calculate the name in Greek in the second edition, and why that is highly problematic and impractical, irrespective of spelling in Greek.  As for Monte, may God bless him, he probably did not answer because he probably does not know the answer, likely not having looked at the Wikipedia spelling nor considered it.  I believe it is true to say that I know a great deal more on many subjects, including that of Prince Charles as the foretold AntiChrist, than Monte, though The LORD did use him to point me in Prince Charles’ direction in 1987, and he is to be credited as the individual, so far as I can tell, who first knew that Prince Charles is the foretold AntiChrist on the basis of hard evidence.  Some of my forthcoming books are going to shake the entire world,and all of those books together cover a great deal more than just Prince Charles, as important as he is.

Yours in Messiah Yeshua,

Note: If you copy this Hebrew version of Charles name צרלס, נסיך מוילס and put it to Google Translate, it translates to Charles, Prince of Wales. So I assume that Tim Cohen is right. You can also visit this website: http://www.ridingthebeast.com/gematria-calculator/ and check out for yourself that it counts up 666 in Hebrew gematria. Other note: One mentioned to me after I published this article in Finnish that 666 (χξϛ) is not original Number of the Beast but instead 616 (χιϛ) as some early manuscripts of Revelation 13 from Third Century has shown (like Papyrus 115). But Irenaeus already knew this χιϛ spelling and argued against it in his book Adversus Haereses (Against Heresies) which was written some 80 years after the Book of Revelation. As this website put it: ”For external testimony to the correctness of the 666 reading, Irenaeus cites both the presence of 666 in the best and most ancient texts available to him and the explicit approval of this reading by ’those men who saw John face to face.’ Therefore, in the face of appeals Irenaeus regards the reading 666 as sufficiently well established and sufficiently significant to result in deleterious consequences for those who opt for the alternative 616; Irenaeus, Against Heresies, 5.30.2)”.

Prophecy fulfillment #6

Prophecy: Dan. 9:27, Dan. 7:8 and Rev. 17:9-13 accociates the Antichrist with the Roman Emperors. Fulfillment: As a descendant of Charles the Great, Prince Charles has the legal right to the crown of the Holy Roman Emperors.

Immonen’s objection: ”The prince has a legal right to the crown of the Holy Roman Emperors. Where you find this from the Bible?” Maybe Immonen would not be so puzzled if he had really read my book. My book title is Muhammad, Charles the Great and the Antichrist because the guiding principle of its content was that Antichrist should be both the direct offspring of Muhammad and Charles the Great and the heir of their power. My book thus combines the idea of Islamic and European Antichrist. It was difficult to maintain this lead story throughout the writing process when its content became fragmented into so many different topics, but this is the central message that connects my book from its first chapter to the last. This was also a key idea in Chapters 10-11 where I reconciled the prophetic interpretation of the historicistic and futuristic traditions.

Early Reformers, who represented the tradition of historicism, taught that antichrist is manifested in both the Roman Pope and the Islamic caliphate of Turkish Ottoman Empire. Some modern prophecy teachers, such as Roman Catholic Walid Shoebat, put these two against each other and see antichrist being represented only in Islam. He also teaches the theory of the Assyrian Antichrist, which has gained an increasing foothold among many modern prophecy teachers who represent the tradition of futurism and dispensationalism. According to my own book, a question is not whether one or the other is the right interpretation, since both schools are on the right track, but they both miss the big picture. The most important clue for this prophetic puzzle is finally found when we reconcile the eschatological traditions of historicism and futurism, as I have demonstrated in Chapters 10 and 11 (which is divided into sections A, B, and C).

In the Middle Ages, the office of Roman Emperors continued in the Holy Roman Empire with the political support of Roman Papacy. From Charles the Great to Charles V each of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire was crowned by the popes with the title of ancient Roman Emperors. From time to time, the power of the Pope was greater than the Emperor, and sometimes they were also at war with each other. But together, they formed the most important power system in the Middle Ages. With Reformation, the power of the Holy Roman Empire began to crumble and broke up in the early 19th Century when Napoleon I gave the ultimate kiss of death to its millennial rule.

Immonen asks where the Bible says that the Antichrist is the Emperor of Rome. I mentioned those Scriptures already in this prophecy fulfillment, but he did not even bother to find out about them. Daniel 9:27 as mentioned earlier is one of these. This verse connects the Antichrist to Titus, who was later also Roman Emperor. Daniel 7: 8 also connects him with the Roman Empire, where the prophecy associates him with the Little Horn that would rise after ten kings of the Fourth Beast (i.e. Roman Empire). Rev. 17:9 attach his kingdom and his throne with ”Seven Hills of the Rome”, as this prophecy has been understood since the early Church Fathers. Then there is also the prophecy of Daniel 7 and the Little Horn which refers to in its first fulfillment phase to the rise of Papal Power in 8th Century AD (as I already have reasoned in my book and here).

Papacy (Daniel’s Little Horn) rose after those ten kings of Rome which were foretold in Daniel 7 (and predicted by most early Church Fathers) in its first fulfillment phase. Some modern dispensationalists and futurists have said that there were never those ten kings in Roman history but this is simply false as this chart shows (Rome in 476 after the collapse of Western Roman Empire).

It was at this time when Charles the Great, also known as ”Father of Europe”, was crowned the Emperor of Rome by Pope Leo III. Since Little Horn of Daniel 7 is a prophecy of the Antichrist, therefore its first fulfillment in the papacy would make it (and with it also the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire like Charles the Great) to the paragon and archetype of the final Antichrist person. Prince Charles is a direct descendant of Charles the Great and thus legitimate heir to his Crown. It was also foretold in many prophecies of the Middle Ages in the writings of Roman Catholic mystics that the Antichrist would be a Western European prince who will descend directly from the bloodline of Charles the Great and whose name would be Charles. Following is from website  http://www.ccg.org/english/s/p026.html (emphasis mine)

These writers have included Caesar of Arles (469-543), and the Blessed Rabanus Maurus(d.856) is quoted as ’Our principal doctors agree in announcing to us that towards the end of time one of the descendants of the Kings of France shall reign over all the Roman Empire; and that he shall be the greatest of the French Monarchs and the last of his race’. These eminent doctors understand him to lay down his crown and sceptre in Jerusalem also when this will signify the end of the Roman and Christian Empires. This is repeated by Monk Adso (d.992), who states that ’This will be the end and consummation of the Empire of Rome and immediately afterwards Antichrist will come’. The Chronicle of Magdeburg (12th century?is quoted ’Of the blood of the Emperor Charles the Great and the King of France shall arise as Emperor named Charles who shall rule imperially in Europe, by whom the decayed estate of the Church shall be reformed and the ancient glory of the Empire again restored.’ Aystinger – the German (also in the 12th century) places this prince in the last times, who is sprung from the Emperor Charles. He is to recover the land of promise, i.e. the promised land Jerusalem, and reform the church as Emperor of Europe.

It is not at all surprising that Prince Charles descends from Charles the Great of the Frankish Carolingian dynasty. All the royals in Europe do. I’m amused when those who are interested in their family background are so excited when they find that there is some royal blood in their genealogy. According to genealogists, almost every person in the earth descends from the Royals. It is thought that every European would be in one way or another related to Charles the Great or his direct offspring. I would not be so proud of if one of my grandfathers belonged to British Royal Family, who used to punish their foes by cutting off their genitals and removing their viscera one by one in front of the condemned own eyes. I am rather the offspring of poor peasants than ruthless tyrants. However, what distinguishes Prince Charles from the peasantry is that he has a verified consanguinity with Charles the Great because the family trees of royal families of Europe are carefully recorded and goes back to royal families of the ancient world.

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The book of internationally recognized scholars Tom Horn and Cris Putnam, which associates the medieval prophecies of the Final Roman Emperor with the biblical Antichrist. Horn and Putnam, however, can not associate these prophecies with Prince Charles even though in them it is specifically mentioned that the Final Roman Emperor would be a prince whose name is Charles and who is offspring Charles the Great.

Secondly, these prophecies say that the Antichrist would also have the forename of his forefather Charles the Great and that he would be the prince who rises to the  Emperor of revived Roman Empire. According to these prophecies, this prince would inherit the whole splendor of the former Roman Empire. Christian scholars Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam addressed in more details these medieval prophecies related to the Last Roman Emperor in their book The Final Roman Emperor and Vatican’s Last Crusade. I wrote them in August 2016 almost 30 pages letter, but because they did not respond to it, I decided to publish it on my tab in English. Tim Cohen, however, answered my letter and promised to advertise it to others. In this article, I note one of the things that Horn and Putnam had mentioned in their own book on page 260. They mentioned the prophecy of Bartholomew Holzhauser, who lived in the 17th Century, according to which the Last Roman Emperor would be ”a descendant of Louis IX [of France] yet a descendant also of an old German imperial family, born in exile. He will rule supreme in temporal matters.” ” I mentioned to them the fact that Prince Charles is also the direct descendant of Louis IX and his family belong to the old German Royal Family of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. Are you starting to be already convinced that Prince Charles is the Biblical Antichrist?  Hopefully, you do not. This was just the beginning. There is still 21 other prophecy fulfillment in front.

Prophecy fulfillment #7

Prophecy: Dan. 8:8-9 – in its first and second fulfillment – link the Antichrist with the King of Greece, heir to the Alexander the Great and Emperor Heraclius of Eastern Roman Empire (in fact medieval Grecian Empire which was foreseen in Daniel 7, 8 and 11). In its first phase the vision about the Little Horn of Daniel 8 fulfilled in Antiochos Epiphanes of Seleucide Empire and in its second phase the Little Horn of Daniel 8 fulfilled in Turkish Ottoman Empire,  successor state of the Byzantine Empire. So the final Antichrist (the Little Horn of Daniel 8) is connected those both modern Greece and modern Islamic world. Fulfillment: Prince Charles descends from his father’s side of the Royal House of the modern Greece. He descends also from ”Prophet” Muhammad and is well-known pro-arabist and the defender of Islam (possibly a Christian apostate who may have turned to Sufism, Islamic mysticism, whose conversion some Islamic eschatologists has already seen the decisive sign of the closeness of Mahdi’s appearance).

Note: Much of my prophecy interpretations like this are already reasoned and justified with very systematic and thorough historical demonstration and Scriptural validation in my 700 pages book. In many cases, I have used several hundred pages of my book to justify prophecy interpretations like this one. Without more detailed understanding into this, these prophecy fulfillments may not say much to my English readers or those Finnish readers who have not read my book. Unfortunately, my e-book is only available in the Finnish language. Finnish readers of my book have already endorsed my ideas saying that reasoning behind my prophecy interpretation was coherent and convincing, and they also thought it was the most interesting part of my book. See prophecy fulfillment #25.

Re-reading of those Immonen’s so-called ”objections” is the most entertaining part of this writing. His answers to me are mainly comedic entertainment, as he is completely unaware how deep my research really is. At this point, it was, ”Where in the Bible we found that Prince Charles is the believer in Islam and the precursor of their Mahdi?” Here Immonen also misunderstood what I wrote. I did not say that the Antichrist should be the precursor for Mahdi (a Messiah of Islamic eschatology). I said that some teachers of Islamic Sufism have taught how Prince Charles is the harbinger of Mahdi’s coming reign (see, for example, this). I went through my book to document Prince Charles’s decades-old love affair with Islam and the Arab world. This love is not only one-sided but also resonates in the Muslim world where Prince Charles has been reported to be the most admired person in the West. Some Islamic scholars, like Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani, have been so excited about Charles’s Islamic devotion and the alleged conversion to Islam that they have said he is a man who would gain a place of honor in Mahdi’s worldwide administration (here you can see how his disciple Hisham Kabbani bows before Prince Charles).

Immonen asks where the Bible predicts the Antichrist to be Islamic. I do not know whether he is aware of the eschatological school that teaches him to be an Islamic Shiite or a Sunni Muslim and the Incarnation of their expected Mahdi. Whole books have been written for this theory, so maybe he should first order a few books related to this and return to the same question after reading them. I already addressed this theory in my book, what Immonen would know if he just would have read my book. In fact, I did not say in my book that the Antichrist should be a Muslim, whether Shi’a, Sunni or Sufi, a radical Salafist or a moderate. On the contrary, I have argued, for example, from 1 John 2:19, that Antichrist should come from ”us”, that is, a Christian Church. Prince Charles is still a member of  Anglican Church and comes to its head after he takes the throne. In my book, in Chapter 4, I explicitly rejected this theory of fanatical Muslim Antichrist. I also rejected, in Chapter 3, the idea of his Middle Eastern origin (and argued this with deep Scriptural illustration).

In fact, the Book of Daniel in Chapter 8 and 11 connect the national origin of the Antichrist not to Syria, but to Greece and thus the Western civilization which is heir to ancient Greece (Dan. 8:9 also says that his power will ”exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land”, i.e. the Land of Israel, meaning that his nation of origin is in Europe where the Land of Israel is ”toward the south, and toward the east”, i.e. toward southeast). In its first fulfillment, this vision of the Little Horn of Daniel, fulfilled, of course, in Antiochus Epiphanes, as most of the prophecy scholars know this. Antiochus Epiphanes was also a Greek origin and not the Middle-Eastern origin, as verses 9 and 22 predicted. But there is also second and third historic fulfillment for this vision, as I have demonstrated in my book in details. In its second phase, this vision refers to medieval Greece (i.e. Byzantine Empire) and Sasanian Persian Empire. A notable horn between goat’s eyes refers to Emperor Heraclius, whose reign (610 – 641) preceded the rise of Islam, which was also foretold in Daniel 8 and 11 (in their second fulfillment phase).

Antiochus Epiphanes, the first paragon for the final Antichrist, rose from the ancient Greece heir to Alexander the Great as Daniel 8:9 predicted. Prince Charles’ national origins are not only in Western Civilization, which is heir to ancient Greece, but he is also heir to the throne of modern Greece through his father Philip, former Greek prince.

Vision predicts also rise of the Ottoman Empire, which rose within Byzantine Empire and came eventually to its Islamic successor state. Ottoman Empire was the Little Horn of vision’s second fulfillment phase as a Papacy in Western Europe was the Little Horn of Daniel 7 in its first fulfillment phase. Those both were successors to the Eastern and Western Rome of Antiquity. This was basically a classical eschatological view of early Reformers from 14th Century to 19th Century. I have illustrated its historical and Scriptural validity in my book’s Chapters 10 and 11. I demonstrated this also in my three-part prophecy teaching series (see link on below). The fulfillment of the prophecy is not only in Charles’s unusual devotion for Islam and in the fact that he descends directly from Muhammad – as the Muslim scholars say about Mahdi  – but also in that that he is a legitimate heir to the Greek throne because his father Philip was in his youth the Greek Prince. Both Prince Philip and Prince Charles have maintained close contact with Greece until today, and they are regular guests on the Mount Athos.

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Prophecy interpretation #8

Prophecy: The Antichrist is also associated with the Syria/Babylon (Isaiah 14:4-25). Fulfillment: England represents end-time parallel for ancient Babylon (Dan. 7:4); The king of Babylon in Isa. 14:4-25 therefore means the king of UK. Some believe that the Anglo-American world power (end-time Babylon) moves its economic and political hegemony to Iraq as a fulfillment of Zech. 5:11. See prophecy fulfillment #7

Immonen’s objection: ”It may be true if you forget New York as the end-time Babylon and economic hegemony is transferred to the ruins.” This is a little strange objection, but basically, Immonen says that I am right if the end-time Babylon is not New York as many believe. I am a little reluctant to believe here mentioned prophetic theory what many Christians support; that the Anglo-American world power would shift the global economic power concentration to the Middle East according to (interpretation of) Zech. 5:11. However, if Islam plays a significant role in Antichrist’s future reign, – as prophecy fulfillment #7 indicates – such a scenario is not completely excluded.  Many prophecies in the Bible – most notably Isa. 14:13 – attach the Antichrist to the King Babylon (some passages also refer to him as ”Assyrian”).

In a literal sense, these passages can also be also understood in such a way that the Antichrist moves his government and royal palace eventually to the Middle East.  Some Bible verses indicate already in this direction (see, for example, Dan. 11:45 and Revelation 12:18). However, according to an alternative interpretation, this can also be understood in the sense that ”Babylon” in Isa. 14.13, etc., does not refer to ancient Babylon of modern Iraq, but instead the Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17-18. According to those Chapters Babylon has been called as the center of global economy and as a city ”which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” This can hardly be said of ancient Babylon – which is still on its ruins – or any Middle Eastern city (except perhaps of Dubai). Many think incorrectly that New York City would be best suited to the role of economic Babylon of Revelation 18. But in the Book of Daniel Babylon is represented in the lion with wings of an eagle. As I have illustrated in my book, this prophecy refers to Anglo-American world power in the third fulfillment of this vision. The lion represents the lion of England and eagle the eagle of USA (see How the 2500-year history of Persia, Greece, and Israel has been foretold in Chapter 11 of Book of Daniel? Part 3: Modern Age/Tribulation (1517 – 2023?)).

It was only Jewish Prime Minister of British history, Benjamin Disraeli, who said”London is a modern Babylon.” This could hardly have been said of London of 19th Century, but the present London meets all biblical criteria for Babylon of Revelation 17-18 (economic Babylon, not necessarily the religious Babylon, which refers to Rome and the Roman apostate Church). London, what has been called ”a world capital of 21st Century”, has overtaken New York as a global trading center. The mayor of London has said: ”We are the center of international economy and trade, the world’s largest global economic center without any doubt” (The New York Times, October 26, 2006). This has not changed in post-Brexit Britain (Bloomberg: London Retains Its Crown as World’s Top Financial Center). I wrote more of those several reasons why I believe that the London – not New York City – is economic Babylon of Revelation 17-18 in the article ”Great Baby(Lon-don) – Unveiling the mystery of Great Harlot of Revelation 18. So if London is the end-time Babylon, the ”king of Babylon” in Isaiah 14:13 refers to the future king of England or Prince Charles.

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Prophecy fulfillment #9

Prophecy: The Antichrist must ”fulfill” the expectations of Jews for their awaited Messiah (John 5:43, Luke 21: 8, 1 John 2:18). Fulfillment: Just like Jesus, Charles, who as a child was circumcised by the Jewish rabbi, can trace his lineage back to King David of Israel as a ”fulfillment” Jes. 11:1.

And Immonen answers … ”Does this man of the Lord fulfill a role of the Antichrist?” At this point, my thoughts are no longer printable, but I try to maintain an academic self-control. I am jealous of those internet trolls whose freedom of expression is not limited by linguistic eloquence. I mean there was a few swearwords in my mind. As an anonymous writer, it would be easier to be more plain-spoken. I start to suspect that maybe Immonen himself was such a troll who intentionally annoyed and provoked me with these extremely stupid counter-arguments. Maybe by answering him, I made the mistake of what I should not have. Namely, a commonly known rule that you should not feed the trolls. Well, at least I got the subject for a new article. Either Immonen does not understand the purpose of the use of quotation marks or then he tried to irritate me quite intentionally. I did not say, that Prince Charles was the fulfillment of the Bible’s promised Messiah. I said that he would be a fulfillment of Israel’s False-Messiah.

A genealogy of Elizabeth II that show her all royal ancestors up to King David.

I have referred in my book to the many prophecies in the Scriptures that require the Antichrist to have such a position. As a False-Messiah of Israel, of course, he must also ”fulfill” the biblical criteria that the Jews would expect from their awaited Messiah. The most prominent criteria for any Messiah candidate would be his certified lineage from the Royal House of King David. For this reason, the gospel of Matthew begins with a description of the genealogy of Jesus, which shows that He was from the House of King David, as Isaiah 11:1 and others predicted. The British-Israeli movement promoted during the 20th Century a genealogy chart that shows all the descendants of King David up to Queen Elizabeth II. A question is not about how authentic or accurate this genealogy is.

The point is that such a genealogy exists and thus Prince Charles is able to prove to the Jews that he is entitled to the throne of Israel’s upcoming Messiah. Sandy Rashty published a very prophetic news in The Jewish Chronicle, in February 2015 under the title:  ”Why I’m sure that Charles will be a King for the Jews?” For more biblical arguments that the Antichrist should be either a Jew or meet the Scripture’s criteria of Israel’s False-Messiah, you can read my article The Antichrist-heresies, Part 2: The Jewish Antichrist.

Prophecy fulfillment #10

Prophecy: Alongside the Jews, the Antichrist must fulfill the Messianic expectations of all false religions (Rev. 13:8). Fulfillment: Prince Charles descends from Muhammad’s lineage as prerequisite for Islamic Mahdi and is a prominent Western leader who defends all world religions, including Tibetan Buddhist community against the Chinese occupation (the Messiah of Buddhist eschatology is often interpreted as the Western leader). He is also perfectly suitable for the character of the ”New Age Messiah” Maitreya, in terms of his history, residence, worldview and mission.

Immonen’s objection: ”Where in the Bible? And how related with Mahdi?” I specified expressly those biblical passages to which these prophecy fulfillments are related to,  and still, Immonen asks ”Where in the Bible?” A hint: See abbreviation in parentheses after the first sentence. Immonen focuses on extraneous details, such as ”Where does the Bible predict that Antichrist is the offspring of Muhammad?” I did not even claim anything like this in this prophecy fulfillment. I paid my attention only to one scripture that predicts on the Antichrist: ”And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” From here I draw the conclusion that the Antichrist should fulfill the Messianic expectations of all the world’s main religions. All world religions are currently waiting for such a global savior who would fulfill the prophecies of their religions at the end of the present world era. For Christians, it is Jesus Christ, to the Jews, it is the Messiah of Israel, for Muslims, it is Mahdi, and the Buddhists/New Agers are waiting for their Maitreya.

The fulfillment of the prophecy in Prince Charles is that he has the potential to fulfill the Messianic expectations of all the world’s main false religions. In the previous prophecy fulfillment, I mentioned his alleged kinship with Israel’s King David as a necessary precondition for the Jewish Messiah. In addition to this, he is also a direct descended from Muhammad, through his daughter Fatima, as the Muslim teachers say about the Mahdi. He has called himself a ”defender of faith” (not defender of the faith like his predecessors are known) because he wants to be seen as a hero and champion for all world religions against secularism and atheism. He is known, especially as an advocate of Islam, but in fact, he has been a fierce defender of all faiths. He does not make difference between the dogmatic disagreements of different world religions. He does not care if the Eastern religions believe in polytheism and the religions of the West in monotheism. He does not care that Christianity teaches that Jesus was the Son of God born of a virgin, who bore the sins of mankind on the Cross of Calvary, while Islam teaches that He was just a man who never died on the Cross (Surah 4:157, 171).

He is a friend of Dalai Lama, aka. Tenzin Gyatso, current spiritual leader of Tibet who lives in exile. The West has cultivated the romanticized image of Dalai Lama’s Tibetan paradise, the ”land of milk and honey” or mythical place of ”Shangri-Lan” where humans lived in harmony with nature until the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959. In fact, Tibetan ”paradise” was a hell on the earth, the feudal theocracy of hierarchical priest-class where everyday life was a very harsh and cruel for serfs or for those who were not part of privileged priest-class. Nazis, by the way, admired this medieval Tibetan feudal society and made some early documentaries of its cruel life for Tibetan serfs (read this)  The current Dalai Lama, 82-years old Tenzin Gyatso, had many Nazi friends in his youth and had also a friendship with such Buddhist terrorists as Shōkō Asahara. Recently, he has been connected to New Age sex cults like NXIVM, which recruited Hollywood Actors in their sex cult where women were branded with the initials of its leader Keith Raniere. Raniere was arrested on the basis of accusations that he raped as young girls as 12 and forced his followers to his slaves.

Prince Charles has a well-reported relationship with the New Age movement, to which he converted in the late 1970s under the direction of his spiritual mentor Laurens Van Der Post. Prince Charles is also well suitable to the role of Maitreya, a Messiah of Buddhists and New Age movement, whose coming Scottish New Age guru, Benjamin Creme, has preached since 1982. He is known as ”John the Baptist” of coming New Age Messiah who, according to Creme, lives in London and will soon appear as a world teacher for all world religions with miracles and signs (2 Thessalonians 2:9).

Prophecy fulfillment #11

Prophecy: The Antichrist deceives the Jews, who are returned to their fathers land and established the state of Israel, into deceitful ”peace treaty” with their Islamic Arab neighbors who seek their destruction (Dan. 9:27). Fulfillment: Prince Charles had a significant role in the implementation of the Oslo ”Peace” Accord (in 1993 and 1995), which is why the British Foreign Office has used him as a Middle East peace envoy. It has been also said that he will not visit the Israeli soil until a peace agreement has been reached between Israelis and Palestinians.

Immonen’s objection: ”Where is the source that Prince Charles was neither part or parcel in Oslo’s peace process?” Once again, Mr. Immonen: sources and details for each of the 27 prophecy fulfillment are already in my book. If you had just bothered to read it, you would not have to ask such stupid questions. The source for this claim that Prince Charles played a prominent role in the Oslo ”Peace” Accord is mainly from Tim Cohen’s book, The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea (Chapter 12). Your sentence, by the way, should also go ”Where is the source [for the claim] that Prince Charles was part and parcel in Oslo’s peace process?” I already went through many other sources in my book, for example in Israeli Haaretz newspaper, about how Prince Charles is planning a first public visit to Israel but expects a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine to be implemented first to avoid ”controversy”. His son, Prince William, will become the first member of the royal family who visits in Israel and Palestine this summer, as I wrote already here. Daniel 9:27 predicts that the Antichrist would make a fraudulent seven-year peace treaty in the Middle East, between Israel and her Arab neighbors. In the midst of that treaty, he will visit in Jerusalem at the reconstructed Jewish temple and places on the holy of holies the ”abomination of desolation”. According to that verse 27, the Antichrist should be a ”Prince of Romans”, what title Prince of Wales means as we already have seen in prophecy fulfillment #3.

Prophecy fulfillment #12

Prophecy: The deceptive nature of Antichrist is revealed to the Jews in the midst of the 70th week when he will arrive in Jerusalem to abolish sacrifice and the oblation on the third temple and instigate the satanic persecution of the Jews for three and a half years (Dan. 8:11, 9:27, 11:31, 2 Matt. 24:15, Luke 21:20, 2 Thessalonians 2:4, Rev 11:2, 12:14). Fulfillment: Prince Charles descends from a family with strong ties to the Third Reich. In his private discussions, he has shown disdain for the Jewish state of Israel and secretly supported the openly antisemitic Hamas.

Immonen’s objection: ”Source criticism?” Now that you criticized my source criticism, why you do not just go through all about two thousand source references in my book (if there are three footnotes on average on one page, then there are 2100 on 700 pages) or even tenths of them. I admit that most of the footnotes come from very popular sources, such as Wikipedia, but I already added a footnote on the introduction that refers to the Nature magazine’s investigation which concluded that Wikipedia is as reliable as Encyclopaedia Britannica, as far as its scientific articles are concerned. I am very suspicious of Wikipedia’s nature when it comes to its articles on religion and politics (topics that are inclined to biased prejudices of its editors). But most of my Wikipedia sources concerns university-level history research. However, I made the mistake by linking directly to Wikipedia’s articles and not to its sources itself. This is problematic because Wikipedia content change over time, which means that citations are not necessarily exactly the same today as they were at the time of my writing.

Queen’s uncle, Duke of Windsor, aka. Edvart VIII and previous Prince of Wales met Hitler in 1937. He was a most notorious Nazi sympathizer in the House of Windsor. But also Queen’s parents were proponents of Chamberlain’s Nazi appeasement policy and fervent supporters of the antisemitic White Paper of 1938 which was aimed against Zionism and the Balfour declaration, during those fateful moments in Jewish history when they had no other safe haven from Nazi genocide than the Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel.

I do not really know how to answer to  Immonen’s ”objection”. The answer is the same as before: Sources and precise details are already in my book. In Chapter 9, I discussed in details on the historical Nazi connections of the Royal House of Windsor (in fact Germanic House of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) as this is already documented in many academic books published by the prestigious University of Oxford, and also acknowledged by Prince Philip himself, Duke of Edinburgh. I have written on this in my many previous blog posts (see, for example, Elizabeth the Second grew in fanatical Nazi family! The mainstream media is now finally begun to reveal the dark side of the British royal family). A letter from Prince Charles from 1986 has also recently been published, which clearly show his contempt for Jews and the Jewish state of Israel. According to some earlier reports in the Guardian, US support for Israel was the main reason why he was so reluctant to visit the United States. The biblical passages that the Antichrist starts to persecute the Jews after halfway of the Tribulation period, I already mentioned in this prophecy fulfillment.

Prophecy fulfillment #13

Prophecy: The Antichrist receives global authority from all nations, peoples and tribes of the world (Rev. 13:7). Fulfillment: Prince Charles comes from a family that has been at the top of luciferian freemasonry for more than two centuries and has led an plan of Bavarian Illuminati to build one world government, world economy and world religion under the British Crown. Prince Charles has been personally at the forefront of such effort and campaigned for a one world government and urged the all nations, peoples and tribes to join the global revolution to create a new global world order.

Immonen’s objection: ”I compare to my previous comment” (Deep Sigh). I understand if someone doubts the source criticism for such a conspiratorial claim, since the many conspiracy theories about Illuminati, Freemasonry, etc., may come from very questionable source literature. But the fact that the British royal family has been at the top of British Freemasonry for over two centuries is not a conspiracy theory. This is acknowledged on the website of the United Grand Lodge of England (the oldest lodge of worldwide Freemasonry) and just last year it boasted on this royal connection in the 300th anniversary of its founding, which was attended by their Grand Master, Edward, Duke of Kent, the cousin of the Queen. The British royal family has also proven links to the Bavarian Illuminati, a seditious secret society founded in 1776, which infiltrated European Freemasonry at the end of the 18th Century and sought a global revolution to overthrow all nation-states of Europe and their Judeo-Christian values to form the new world order based on Luciferian doctrines of the secret societies (according to organization’s own writings that went public in the 1780s and was a subject of many books at that time).

This London-based conspiracy of the British roundtable societies and Anglophile elite families is also revealed in such books as gigantic 1348-pages chronicle Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (1966), written by Georgetown professor Carroll Quigley, a mentor of Bill Clinton. The claim that ”Prince Charles has been personally at the forefront of such effort and campaigned for a one world government and urged the all nations, peoples, and tribes to join the global revolution to create a new global world order”, comes not only from such books as The Sustainable Prince by Joan Veon, but also from Prince Charles’ own book Harmony (Blue Door, 2010), which declares in its opening statement: ”This is a call to revolution. The earth is under threat. It cannot cope with all that demand of it. It is losing its balance and we humans are causing this to happen. ’Revolution’ is a strong word and I use it deliberately.” Here, Prince Charles calls for global revolution to overcome the environmental problems of our planet. Mr. Immonen, I’m afraid you again jump to conclusions without reading my book first.

Prophecy fulfillment #14

Prophecy: The most significant change in the new world order of the Beast will be the creation of a global economic system in which no one can buy or sell without the mark of the beast in/on the right hand or the forehead (Rev 13:16 – 18). Fulfillment: Prince Charles has called for a reform of the global capitalist economic system. He was also the first person to show public support for the human RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology by microchipping his sons William and Harry in 1995, and has collaborated with Walmart, world’s largest retailer, to extend RFID technology to all areas of global trading.

Immonen’s objection: ”Prince Charles has called for a reform of the global capitalist economic system. Not true. He has taken a position mainly on climate change: ’Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change’ ”. Again wrong. He has taken a stand on the climate change he sees to be mainly caused by the global capitalist economy. That is why he has called for a renewal of the global economic system. In November 2010 NBC’s Brian Williams said after interviewing Prince Charles”In case you missed it, Prince Charles wants nothing less than the re-make of  world’s economy.” In 2011, he mocked in Brussels those who believe that he and other climate alarmists are part of a malicious conspiracy to destroy a capitalist world system. In 2014, he delivered a speech where he called for a complete renovation of the capitalist economy to save the planet from the environmental damage. I really wonder that Immonen does not get straight any of my arguments. In addition, he quotes a news article, which in itself proves his argument wrong.

Immonen neither take a stand on the remainder of this prophecy fulfillment where I addressed the issue of Prince Charles being the first public person who promoted a human RFID technology by microchipping his sons William and Harry in 1995. Christian prophecy teachers have been arguing for decades that this technology can fulfill the prophecy on the mark of the beast in Revelation 13, without which nobody could buy or sell during the Tribulation period. In fact, I also presented alternative perspectives in my book, and I found it more biblical that the mark of the beast would eventually be a visible stamp on the human right hand or on the forehead (not ”in their right hand, or in their foreheads” as KJV incorrectly translates). As a form of global trading, such a stamp could fulfill, for example, in e-tattoo or BioStamp which was introduced to the public in 2013 by former DARPA and Google CEO Regina E. Dugan and is now marketed by MC10. In 2016 it was announced that this BioStamp enables also cashless payments and can in future replace all existing means of payment on cash to bank cards. The first images of this e-tattoo showed it on the right hand or on the forehead. Whatever form the final mark of the beast takes, we are anyways inevitably moving towards a cashless society that has completely abandoned banknotes and coins.

BioStamp (e-tattoo), introduced by former DARPA CEO Regina E. Dugan in 2013 as a ”source of superpowers”, could soon fulfill the prophecy on the mark of the beast (unless RFID chip or some other cashless payment system fill it).

With a steady development, the cashless society and the fusion between humans and computers would seem to be a reality no later than 20 years from now. According to the 2016 poll, three-quarters of Londoners believe that London will be a completely cashless society by 2036. However, the start-up company Revolut is striving to accelerate this development and make London cashless within the next ten years. Our western neighbor, Sweden, also moves at an accelerating pace towards a cashless society and many have thought it to be the first country to abandon the full use of cash. The next decade may seem perhaps too early to the emergence of mark the beast society on a global scale, but some worldwide cataclysm – such as the Third World War or the collapse of the global economy – may also accelerate this development and the transition towards a single world economic system. In fact, Prince Charles has acted as a major pathfinder for this by promoting also the RFID revolution of retail chain Walmart which has abandoned an obsolete barcode for much more efficient RFID technology. The same RFID technology that already has been implanted in animals and humans.

Note: For more information on this in my article: Mark of the Beast technology making a breakthrough towards a global society without cash. How will Prince Charles be in the lead of this revolutionary transition?

Prophecy fulfillment #15

Prophecy: The Antichrist speak to the masses via a living and speaking image through which all peoples on the earth can worship him simultaneously (Rev. 13:14 – 15). Fulfillment: Charles’ appearance at the Abu Dhabi energy conference in the form of a hologram was the first event that gave great attention to the modern hologram technology which is based on Victorian era’s pepper’s ghost’s illusion and which way Rapper Tupac (2012) and pop legend Michael Jackson (2014) has been ”raised from the dead”.

Immonen’s objection: ”How the image that speaks sees people bow to him? LG and Samsung have more sophisticated technology that really sees a human and his  ”kneeling” on via TV.” So according to Immonen, the image of the beast would be the LG or Samsung UHD TV that monitors its viewers via a camcorder in them, as in George Orwell’s prophetic science-fiction novel 1984. Even though I admit that here mentioned hologram technology does not yet support all the predicted features of the Revelation’s the image of the beast – like its ability to kill all those who do not bow to it – the Greek word for the ”image”, eikón, used in here, is much better suited to holographic reflection than UHD televisions. HELPS Word-studies explains its meaning as follows:

1504 eikṓn (from 1503 /eíkō, ”be like”) – properly, ”mirror-like representation,” referring to what is very close in resemblance (like a ”high-definition” projection, as defined by the context). Image (1504 /eikṓn) then exactly reflects its source (what it directly corresponds to). For example, Christ is the very image (1504 /eikṓn, supreme expression) of the Godhead (see 2 Cor 4:4; Col 1:15).

”1504 (eikṓn) assumes a prototype, of which it not merely resembles, but from which it is drawn” (R. Trench). 1504 (eikṓn) then is more than a ”shadow”; rather it is a replication (F. F. Bruce, Hebrews, 226; see also Lightfoot at Col 3:10 and 2:21).

Thus the image of the beast is not a ”box” or ”board” that broadcast living pictures (although British royal family has been also driving force in the evolution of motion pictures and television from 1897 when the first rotating camera was used on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and when Royal Charter of George V started BBC in 1927, the first television company in world that launched regular TV broadcasts, to 1969 when investiture of Prince of Wales was among the first global color transmissions in television’s history), but a high-definition projection of the Antichrist himself. It’s just image of a one person that the whole world would worship. In modern terminology, we call them as holograms. According to Revelation, this image speaks and lives. Is not a statue or a photo. It has been speculated that this hologram technology will be used increasingly in the future, for example, in political campaigns.

It has already been used by politicians such as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, French presidential candidate in 2017. However, its first high-profile political users were Al Gore at the 2007 Live Earth concerts and Prince Charles in Abu Dhabi Energy Conference of January 2008. The Image’s final form may also be linked to the AR (augmented reality) glasses which are spreading to the mass market in the coming years and are believed to soon replace all two-dimensional screens from televisions to PCs and smartphones. In the future, they enable also holographic video calls and a visit to different parts of the world from your living room via virtual dimension. I do not think that such technology is necessarily bad in itself. It became evil only when it is used as an instrument of worship for the Antichrist and his father Satan.

  Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s hologram. The image is so realistic that you would not know that it is just a video project and not a real person without sudden disappearings.

Prophecy fulfillment #16

Prophecy: In Revelation, the Antichrist is symbolized by the red dragon and leopard-bear-lion hybrid beast (Rev. 12:9, 13:2). Fulfillment: The Red Dragon of Wales is the personal Heraldic emblem for Prince of Wales in his coat of arms, which also includes a rampant guardant lion, which is defined as a lion-leopard or leopard-lion beast in a French heraldry.

A Messianic Jew, Tim Cohen, shocked the Church by his book The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea which for the first time in the Church’s history provided strong biblical evidence for the identity of the Antichrist.

And Immonen’s objection to this was… nothing. He just repeats what I already wrote above(??). I was already waiting excited what inanity he would this time express. You made me now bitterly disappointed, Pekka. Here I am referring to what was one of the main content of Tim Cohen’s book The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea, namely Charles’ Coat of Arms, and its connection with the First Beast of Book of Revelation and other Antichrist symbolism in the Bible. Cohen’s book deals with this topic in two thick Chapters. I think that in his book too much paper is being wasted on this subject because much of the heraldic doctrine contained in those chapters is Scripturally speaking quite irrelevant. The matter could have been summed up in a much smaller space. In my own book, this topic was treated only on two pages (pages 608 – 609). The biblically most significant content of those chapters is the fact that a red dragon is not only the heraldic symbol of Wales but also of Prince of Wales. Revelation 12:9 says that red dragon is ”that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Under that red dragon on the Coat of Arms of Prince of Wales is German text ”Ich Dien” which mean in English ”I Serve”. Thus this symbolism indicates that Prince of Wales serves the red dragon of Revelation 12 or Satan, old serpent of the Garden of Eden.

In addition to the red dragon – the Welsh national badge – there is also a heraldic lion which represents the lion of England and a heraldic unicorn that represents Scotland. In my opinion some of Cohen’s prophetic explanations for the beasts of Charles’ Coat of Arms is somewhat artificial, such as that the unicorn has ”eyes like the eyes of man” (Dan 7: 8), or that lion ”was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion” (Revelation 13:2). This view has been mocked by some who are more critical towards Cohen’s book. Such would be a very arbitrary and subjective interpretation when a large number of people see only a lion in Charles’ Coat of Arms – formally called Lion Rampant Guardant (i.e. standing and looking towards) – and not a leopard-bear-lion hybrid beast.

In Cohen’s defense, however, it must be said that he did not base this explanation on that kind of subjective interpretations that depends on a viewer. He refers to the official Heraldry Guides, according to which Charles’ Lion Rampant Guardant in his Coat of Arms is officially known in French heraldry as a léopard-lionné or lion-léopardé beast (you can find this fact, for example, from Wikipedia). This connection between heraldic leopards and heraldic lions in English and French heraldry has been known since the Middle Ages. The only thing I could not confirm in my own research is that in this beast – in heraldic terms they are called actually beasts – coalesce also the heraldic bear in addition to the leopard and the lion. At least I didn’t find adequate proof for this in the first edition of The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea. Perhaps Tim Cohen may enlighten me if he knows more on this subject.

Prophecy fulfillment #17

Prophecy: According to Revelation 13:2, the Red Dragon or Satan gives the Beast ”his power and his throne and great authority”. Fulfillment: When Charles was formally inaugurated the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle in 1969, he swore his Oath of allegiance on bended knees before the the throne that represent the Welsh Red Dragon, after which he sat on its right side.

Immonen’s objection: ”Satan has not yet given power to the Antichrist”. I have not even claimed this. I understand that you can misunderstand this in that way unless you have read my book. But for this very reason, it would be great if you read my book first and commented on its summary only after that. Here I refer to what Tim Cohen discussed in his Chapter 8. I also briefly touched this topic on pages 607-610 of my own book. It is not that Revelation 13:2 had already been fulfilled. As in most previous prophecy fulfillment, this is merely symbolic hint and prerequisite that point to the direction of Prince Charles as a possible implementer of all biblical prophecies concerning the final Antichrist and the man of lawlessness. In most cases, he has not yet fulfilled them all, but these ”coincidences” strongly suggest that he is the person who will fulfill them. Revelation 13:2 predicts: ”And the beast that I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority.”

In addition that we have this red dragon of Wales on Prince Charles’ Coat of Arms, in 1969 when Charles was set to Prince of Wales in Medieval Ceremony at Caernarfon Castle, and which was broadcasted via television all over the world, Prince Charles knelt before the throne that has Welsh Red Dragon on its back, a symbol which also was displayed on the banners of Caernarfon Castle. After kneeling down before this throne of Satan, he said the following words: ”I, Charles, do become your liege man of life and limb and of earthly worship, and faith and truth I bear unto you, to live and die against all manner of folks.” After that, he sat down on the right side of that throne of Red Dragonas a parody of Jesus Christ, who ”sat down at the right hand of God” after His ascension (Mark 16:19). Because the Antichrist voluntarily kneels before the throne of Satan, Devil also gives him ”his power and his throne and great authority” as Satan already promised to Jesus if He had only agreed to bow to him (Matthew 4: 9).

Note: In some Youtube videos, there is also some false information on this ceremony,  such as that the Queen would have told Charles: ”This dragon gives you your power and your throne and your great authority” as a citation of Rev. 13:2. I have read the entire transcription of that ceremony, and I have not found such proclamation.

Prophecy fulfillment #18

Prophecy: The Antichrist should surrender to a personal union with Lucifer in order to receive his power, his throne, and his great authority (Luke 4:5-8, Rev. 13:2). Fulfillment: Prince Charles can be associated with an occult cabal who is not interested only in spiritism and all kinds of dark spirituality, but who is also at the top of the occult hierarchy of masons, witches and Illuminati to prepare the planet earth for the reign of Satan and his fallen angels when he is cast out into the earth after the great war in heavens (Rev. 12:9).

Immonen’s always so curt objection: ”Source?” I rather would not offer just one source when this argument stands hardly on one source. What if you read John Dalen’s book The Prince and The Paranormal: The Psychic Bloodline of The Royal Family (Virgin Books, 1986). Or maybe I could recommend you Prince Charles’ own book Harmony (Blue Door, 2010), where he teaches his occult beliefs quite openly and praises, for example, the pagan gods of ancient Egypt and Greece, cites the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, the occult work that was studied by, among others, Aleister Crowley, the most notorious satanist in the 20th Century. That Charles ”is also at the top of the occult hierarchy of masons, witches, and Illuminati to prepare the planet earth for the reign of Satan and his fallen angels”, see prophecy fulfillment #13. This dark occult aspect of the House of Windsor has already been a subject of several books in English-speaking countries. Tim Cohen also cites those books very widely in his own work (books like John Dale’s The Prince and The Paranormal, Fritz Springmeier’s Bloodlines of the Illuminati, John Coleman’s Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, etc.).

More about this in my articles The secret history of the Royal Family from the 18th Century onwards. A horrible truth behind the curtain of the House of Windsor and Evidence of the existence of personal evil and the power of Lucifer on this earth lead its trails to the European Germanic Royal families. But where is God in the darkness of this world?

Prophecy fulfillment #19

Prophecy: When Satan has been thrown in the midst of the Tribulation period  with his fallen angels on the earth, ”Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.” (Revelation 12:12). Fulfillment: Like his father Prince Philip, Charles is a notorious on his support for depopulation and eco-fascism, and who proclaims in his book Harmony: ”We cannot make the equation balance, unless we seriously address how we stabilize and even reduce the human population of the world…this, of course, raises some very difficult moral questions.” In this statement, Prince calls the mass murder of the world’s human population on a historically unprecedented proportions.

Immonen’s objection: ”This is also suitable for Barack Obama.” Not true unless Obama has given his personal support to the radical depopulation agenda of elite families. In this prophecy fulfillment, I refer to the content of the seventh Chapter of my book, where I discussed in details of the aristocratic eco-fascist movement led by the British royal family, which roots are in Nazi Germany and their ”blood and soil” doctrines. It is known also as a ”movement” of deep ecology or a radical environmentalism and which advocates the same anti-human depopulation policy that the Nazis pursued most furiously (in Finland its most notorious and plain-spoken advocate is Pentti Linkola whose writing were accused of being responsible for a Jokela school shooting of 2007). Its philosophical core is in very anti-Biblical, anti-Judaistic, pantheistic and anti-human doctrines which are common to many neo-pagans like Wiccans or romantic White nationalists, Odinists, and Satanists of Scandinavian Black Metal sub-cultures. In the light of Prince Philip’s and Charles’ own speeches and writings, they believe in the doctrines of Thomas Malthus, British depopulation advocate from late 18th Century who supported the killing of the society’s most underprivileged and poorest because their reproduction was perceived as a threat to the ruling class (as Francis Galton, a founder of eugenics and ”scientific racism” also taught, another aristocratic depopulationist who was knighted by Edward VII in 1909).

For more on this article, Prince Charles calls for the starvation of tens of millions of children at the Soil Association’s 70th year anniversary.

Prophecy fulfillment #20

Prophecy: The Antichrist show no regard for the God of his fathers or any other god, but ”magnify himself above all” (Dan 11:37). Fulfillment: Prince Charles has not shown interest or respect for the reformed Christian religion of his fathers that his predecessors have honored with their lips, if not with their hearts. This is reflected in Charles’s attitude to the protestant Christian tradition of his country. He does not agree to swear his coming oath of coronation in the name of Jesus Christ and Christianity, but in the name of all religions. He also magnify only himself above all gods as Damien Thompson, Graham Smith, and others have already noticed.

Immonen’s objection: ”How can the head of the English Church refuse to swear his oath in the name of the popular Anglican Church and break the Sacraments of the Church?” These Immonen’s objections turn out to be always stranger. I guess Immonen is trying to say, that Prince Charles would not have the power to break the centuries-old traditions and sacred sacraments of the ”popular Anglican Church” even if he wanted to do so. But as he rises to the throne, he becomes also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Of course, the Governor of the Church of England can get the coronations that he wants if only the Archbishop of Canterbury agrees to participate in such a sacrilege. If Archbishop of Canterbury is at that time a more conservative person, of course, this can also lead to the schism between him and the Monarch. But Immonen seems to overlook the fact that the Christian Church has been falling for decades now to ever-deepening apostasy (at least in Western countries), as 2 Thess. 2:3 predicted to occur before the man of sin is revealed to the Church (by the way, the first part of my book was dedicated completely to debunking the popular but inaccurate doctrine that the rapture of the Church should occur before the man of lawlessness is revealed to the Church). The Church of England is no longer as a popular or influential institution as it was in the 50’s. At the time of Elisabet II’s accession to the throne, such would have been maybe impossible, but the world and its values have changed quite a bit since the 50’s.

The Crown Prince announced in 1994 in Jonathan Dimbleby’s documentary Charles, The Private Man, The Public Role (where he also confessed his adultery, although said that it was not ”until it became clear that the marriage had irretrievably broken down”) that he would not be interested in to continue his mother’s role as a ”Defender of the Faith” (the title given to British monarch since Henry VIII), but would change it into ”Defender of Faith” in reference to all religions and faiths of the world. It is interesting that he told this in the same program where he also admitted his adultery. At the wedding of Charles and Diana, followed by some 500 million spectators, the Archbishop of Canterbury told that their marriage represented ”us the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church”. Thus Prince Charles did not only violated his marriage oath, that was given before the Holy God, but he also announced that he was willing to break the Church of England’s covenant with Jesus Christ, this ”mystical union” which is represented in Book of Revelation as a marriage between the Lamb and His bride. The Scriptures speaks in many times of spiritual fornication, and this is exactly that. Jesus Christ did not say that His Church could be in a similar union with false prophets like Muhammad, Buddha, or other idols of false religions.

Charles’s fathers have ”honored with their lips” (Matthew 15: 8), for centuries, the God of Israel, as a Supreme Governors of the Church of England. The content of the Monarch’s coronation oath is very godly and God-fearing (this does not mean that their hearts has been near the God of Israel as their secret history in Luciferian Freemasonry and other Secret societies has shown). Elisabet II is known as the strong defender of Christianity, for example, in his annual Christmas greetings. His son, however, is much more interested in defending the ancient mystery religions of Egypt and Greece and the current pagan religions like Islam, Buddhism, and Neo-Paganism. He has had a special love affair with Islam for many years. Daily Mail reported on November 24, 2014: ”Koran should be read at Prince Charles’ coronation says top bishop: Critics attack proposal and accuse Church of England of ’losing confidence’ in its own traditions”. In fact, Prince Charles is not interested in any God but wants only exalt himself above every god, like Dan. 11:37 rightly predict. Damien Thompson, a respected British journalist, and editor of The Spectator and Catholic Herald reported in his radio program Holy Smoke in February 2017: ”The Queen is a true Christian leader. But what about Prince Charles, who seems more interested in worshipping himself?”

Update: On the very day I published this article in English, Express reported: Prince Charles’ coronation should be STRIPPED of Christianity – bombshell report

Note: Some have said that Daniel 11:37 should be translated ”gods of his fathers”, and not ”God of his fathers”, as King James Version translates it. But a word for ”god” is here elohim, which is a plural for god, eloah, but is also one of the many names for God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the Scriptures. It is used in New American Standard Bible for the God of Israel in all 2326 times. Plural form in word ”Elohim” refers to Trinity of God in Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Prophecy fulfillment #21

Prophecy: The Antichrist declares himself to be God in the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem (2 Thess. 2:4). Fulfillment: Prince Charles has spoken openly about his pantheistic worldview which teach that natural world is not separated from God but is identical with Him; that everything in nature is divine or godlike, including every human being. He has also repeatedly referred to his own godlike Messianic qualities. In addition, he has a close connection with Jerusalem’s Temple Mount; his Prince’s School of Traditional Arts arranged reconstruction of the medieval Saladin’s Prayer Pulpit at the Al-Aqsa mosque when some of its ornaments disappeared in the fire of 1969.

Immonen’s objection: ”Prophecy: Antichrist declares himself to be God in the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem. Why would it be Charles? ” He also wonders: ”DECORATED THE CHAIR? The answer to the question ”Why would it be Charles?” was already given in section ”Fulfillment:” Answer to the question ”DECORATED THE CHAIR?”: That’s right, but not the Prince himself, but Prince’s School of Traditional Arts whose patron he is. The princes rarely decorate their own chairs. And it was not any chair, but the medieval Saladin’s Prayer Pulpit, which remarkable ornaments were destroyed in the fire of 1969 that a ”Christian” fanatic ignited in al-Aqsa in effort to stir up the Third World War between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in order to speed up the Second Coming of Jesus. This is explained in the documentary Stairway To Heaven – Rebuilding The Minbar Of Salad, of which had some scenes on the trailers of Prince’s Harmony film.

Bringing up that my point was that Charles’ already has a firm connection to the Temple Mount of Jerusalem where he should visit the midst of the 70th week of Daniel 9 if he is the biblical Antichrist. He has spoken openly on his pantheistic worldview on many occasions. In Dimbleby’s documentary Charles, The Private Man, The Public Role, he told us that he wants to be ”Defender of Divine in existence, the pattern of the Divine, which is, I think, in all of us…” In his book Harmony, on page 149, he writes that before the scientific revolution began in the 17th Century ”The creator was not [seen] separate from his creation. Instead, divinity was considered to be innate in the world and in us…” He has also interpreted the Christian doctrine of God’s incarnation in His Son Jesus Christ through some kind of pantheistic filter where it would refer to the ultimate unity of God and the natural world. In 1996 he called it ”deeply mystical and symbolic doctrine of the Incarnation”. So he doesn’t believe in Incarnation of Son of God in a literal sense.

In his book Harmony, on page 92, he also implies that traditional Christian and biblical Christology is a myth based on the pagan mystery religions of ancient Egypt and its Osiris-myth (see 1 John 2:22). I speculated in my book that Charles might teach this pantheistic philosophy of human godhood in the holy of holies of the rebuilt Jewish temple. Precisely 2. Thess. 2:4 do not actually say that he will declare himself to be God in this temple. The New American Standard Bible, which is considered to be the most accurate Bible translation in the English-speaking world, translates: ”Who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.” So the verse does not say that the Antichrist would declare himself to be God. With this act by itself, he demonstrates that he is the God because at the times of Old Covenant only the high priest – who in the New Covenant symbolizes Christ himself – could go to the holy of holies once a year during Yom Kippur.

Prophecy fulfillment #22

Prophecy: Instead of the God of Israel, the Antichrist honors the god of fortresses; a god who manifest himself by temples or other religious places of worship, contrary to the God of Bible who ”does not dwell in temples made with hands” (Dan 11:38-39, Acts 17:24). Fulfillment: Prince Charles is believer in philosophy of the ”sacred geometry” which teaches that a connection to God is possibly to find universally, and apart from doctrinal differences between different faiths, through sacred buildings whose architecture respects certain geometric patterns such as the universal symbols of satanism and witchcraft, five-pointed star or pentagram (see Harmony, Chapter 3, pages 114 -18).

Immonen’s objection: ”Source?” And ”May apply on the Antichrist or then not?” As a source, I used in my book, in Chapter 6, David Lorimer’s Radical Prince: The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales (Floris Books, 2004), which goes comprehensively through the Prince’s worldview and religious views. This philosophy of Sacred Geometry supported by the Prince is literally a religion in which sacred buildings are objects or instruments of worship to the deity that is not limited to just one religion but can be honored in any religion that understands these ”timeless principles” of certain shapes and patterns that repeat everywhere in natural world and sacred architecture. It is precisely this spiritual vision of the sacramental nature of sacred buildings that is the ultimate source for his fiery opposition to modern architecture.

His lobbying against modern architecture has sparked anger in some circles, while in others it has been received with open arms. Many conservatives may oppose modern architecture and modern art because its origins are ultimately in the post-modern worldview that opposes objective truths and objective beauty ideals. But in this case, it is not just about aesthetics, but a religious worldview that has nothing to do with historical or biblical Christianity. It is about honoring ”a god of fortresses, a god whom his fathers did not know”, as Daniel 11:38 predicts. In addition, Prince’s philosophy praises symbols that have been linked for decades to modern Satanism, such as an intertwined five-pointed star or a pentagram, symbol of Witchcraft and Satanism. He has devoted a whole chapter to this philosophy in his book Harmony.  He has even built his own small sanctuary on his private estate in Highgrove, built according to these same principles of Sacred Geometry which he preaches. He revealed its existence at his 60th birthday in 2008. Above the entrance is an inscription in the ancient language of Pict which says: ”Lighten Our Darkness, We Beseech Thee, O Lord”. We can be sure that the Lord of Charles is not Jesus Christ.

Prophecy fulfillment #23

Prophecy: ”Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” (Dan. 11:37) Many have interpreted that expression ”…nor the desire of women” means that the Antichrist is either a homosexual or emotionally deprived person who is unable to respond to the romantic love of women. Fulfillment: Prince Charles is best remembered for his indifferent relationship with Princess Diana and for his inability to respond to Diana’s love, which was illustrated well in Charles’s rhetorical question ”Whatever in love means.” According to recent rumors Charles’ marriage with Camilla may be also mere set to conceal his homosexual partners. Allegedly these rumors are supported in Diana’s own revelations, that are believed to have been filmed in secret video tapes, which Princess of Wales was going to publish just before her death and for which reason he was murdered in a ”car accident” for her husband’s behest in August 31, 1997.

Immonen’s objection: ”Speculation”. It’s nice that when I use more than 150 words to describe one prophecy fulfillment, Immonen dismisses it in one word. Not to mention that this prophecy fulfillment was based on the information of the last Chapter of my book, which already covers 100 pages of my 700-pages e-book. I have not got a penny of my book (except for a few donations from some benevolent people) and then I have to endure also this (+ that people believe I am mentally unbalanced when I am writing on this kind of topic). Let this be therefore a lesson to you others: it’s not worth to strive to be an author. Those rumors about Charles’ gay lovers may be speculation at the moment, but this allegation is supported by several eyewitness testimonies. Princess Diana herself allegedly talked about it on secretly recorded videotapes a few months before her death. BBC’s cameraman, who shoot them, told about them to the press in 2003 and their existence has also been confirmed by the most recent reports. 

According to reports, Prince Charles hired Julius Kroll, one of the world’s foremost private detectives, to find these secret videos tapes, but they were buried in Diana’s order at a bank vault in the United States, to an unknown location. In addition to this, we have the case of Charles’ former servant George Anthony Smith, a man who before his death claimed to have been raped by Michael Fawcett, whom Smith also claimed to be Charles’ gay lover. Charles’ servants also tried to silence him with bribes but he refused from payoff. Why does the media not focus on this story, but bring headlines President Trump’s alleged payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels over his extramarital but consensual one night stand with her some 12 years ago? Is the consensual extramarital relationship between two adults bigger scandal than Charles’ conspiracy with Michael Fawcett to conceal the rape of a male servant? Princess Diana also spoke in these alleged tapes about the sadistic, ”Caligula-like” sex orgies between the royal servants that Charles tolerated in his royal household (see the original report from 2003 here: http://rense.com/general44/tapes.htm)

Read more about the article: My review of Channel 4 documentary: Diana in Her Own Words.

See here Keith Allen’s banned documentary Unlawful Killing about the murder of Princess of Wales:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqQXxM9wHok&feature=share

Prophecy fulfillment #24

Prophecy: A word ”Antichrist”, antichristos, does not only mean one who opposes Christ, but who is also His substitute (in place of Him) and His opposite. Fulfillment: When Jesus loves His Bride (i.e. the Church) and is faithful to her, Charles did not love his wife but cheated her with another woman. When Jesus gave His life for Bride as God’s sacrificial Lamb to redeem her from an everlasting Hell, Charles took his wife’s life and made her feel in their wedding day, according to Diana’s own words, that she was a ”lamb going to the slaughter.” She also told Paul Burrel just before her death: ”I have been battered, bruised and abused mentally by a system for 15 years now . . . Thank you, Charles for putting me through such hell and for giving me the opportunity to learn from the cruel things you have done to me.”

Immonen’s objection: ”A man does not push anyone into hell”. Apparently, Immonen does not understand or have ever heard the metaphors, such as ”my life is utter hell.” He is twisting all of my prophecy fulfillments so badly that I can not really say whether he does it intentionally. In this, I refer to the fact that the name ”AntiChrist” refers both to the opposite and the substitute Christ. When the Revelation of St. John describes Christ as the Lamb of God – ” as it had been slain” – (Rev. 5:6) who gave His life for His Bride (Rev. 19:7), Diana described herself as a lamb who was going to be slaughtered. In the wedding of Charles and Diana – what the Archbishop of Canterbury compared to ”the mystical union that is betwixt Christ and his Church” – the bride and not bridegroom was the one who was a sacrificial lamb. This was the emblematic opposite to the union of Christ and His Bride. These revelations come from Diana’s secretly recorded video and audio tapes from 1991. In those Diana said:

”He’d [Charles] found the virgin, the sacrificial lamb, and in a way he was obsessed with me. But it was hot and cold, hot and cold. You never knew what mood it was going to be — up and down, up and down.”

Prophecy fulfillment #25

Prophecy: According to second fulfillment phase of the vision of Daniel 11, the Antichrist is a despised crown prince who rises to the throne of United Kingdom after its previous Kings George V and George VI and will continues his fathers imperialist policy in the Middle East (Daniel 11:2-45). Fulfillment: Charles became one of the most despiced crown princes in British history after the Camillagate of 1993. His line of succession set him to be the next king of England after his grandfather George VI. Charles has also expressed that he hopes to restore Britain’s glorious past and his brother, Andrew, want that Britain would continue the Great Game of the 19th Century against Russia and China in the Middle- and Far-East.

Immonen’s, once again, so exhaustive objection: ”Speculation”. The conclusion of this prophecy was based on the most profound eschatological rationalization of my book, where I reconciled to two most prominent prophecy interpretation of Reformed Churches since the days of early Reformers, namely historicism and futurism (or more precisely dispensationalist premillennialism). Thru my systematic prophecy interpretation – where I went through the last 2500 years of world history in the light of Daniel’s prophetic visions – I ended up with a detailed explanation of Daniel 11’s second fulfillment phase, which predicts the last 1500 years of Persia, Greece and the Middle East (in particular, the history of the Land of Israel).

More importantly, I reasoned why this vision predicted also the history of the British Empire and its most recent kings George V and George VI. The detailed justification for this systematic prophecy explanation took me about 200 pages. In my book, there are about 270 000 words, on one page approximately 385 and on 200 pages 77 000. It is very equitable to dismiss with one word an argument for which I have used some 77 000 words.  One Christian sister, at least, read my arguments in Chapter 11C and challenged some of them with relatively good objections (at least they were much better than the so-called ”objections” of Mr. Immonen). This e-mail discussion with this sister also prompted me to write a three-part teaching series relating to my integrated pattern of prophecy interpretation. In this lesson series, I have capsulized some of my most substantial arguments for this prophecy interpretation:

  1. How did the 2500-year history of Persia, Greece, and Israel is predicted in Daniel Chapter 11? Part 1: Antiquity (536 BC – 164 BC)
  2. How did the 2500-year history of Persia, Greece, and Israel is predicted in Daniel Chapter 11? Part 2: Antiquity/Middle Ages (164 BC – 1517 AD)
  3. How did the 2500-year history of Persia, Greece, and Israel is predicted in Daniel Chapter 11? Part 3: Modern Age/Tribulation (1517 – 2023?)

Prophecy fulfillment #26

Prophecy: The Antichrist set himself in the place of and against Christ. He creates around himself a global cult of personality that overshadow all previous personality cults of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim dynasty of NK, etc. (1. John 2:18, Revelation 13:8) Fulfillment: Prince Charles believes that he is born for purpose and that is saving of the world. As Graham Smith, of the anti-monarchy group Republic, puts it: ”He is under the impression he has been sent to save the world and deliver us from our sins. It’s quite delusional.” To many leftists he is now a great visionary and and almost messianic world leader. He has even expressed that the ultimate motive behind his all actions is the belief that his duty is ”to heal the mortally wounded soul” so that ”the temple of our humanity can once again be lit by a sacred flame” (Lorimer, page 235).

This paragraph is, in principle, a repetition to the prophecy fulfillment #10. Here I  just look at Rev. 13:8 from a different angle. In the previous case, I spoke about  Charles’ potential to fulfill the messianic prophecies of all world’s main religions, and here I am dealing with his personal Messiah complex. Immonen responded to this: ”Now, although I loathe him why does not the Queen put his son Charles on the throne? Are she afraid of a referendum on the continuity of the monarchy, especially since Diana’s murder investigations has been reopened?” I wonder how did this relate to the overlying prophecy fulfillment? The Queen does not ”put his son Charles on the throne” since the monarch’s ”job” in the United Kingdom is lifelong. In English history, it is not typical for a monarch to abdicate as is the case in some other monarchies of Europe. However, some of the insiders near to Her Majesty have leaked to the media that the Queen may give to his son the position of Prince regent in 2021 when she will turn 95 years old, as George IV has been in the past, after his father George III fell illness that is known as porphyria, alleged disease of vampires, werewolves and Dracula (not surprising as the Royal Family literally  descends of the historical Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, and for centuries they practiced the medical cannibalism).

For this prophecy, I have nothing more to add to it. You can read about it, for example, in my article, Prince Charles will visit April in the island where his father is worshipped as God. Will Charles’ own a global cult of personality come next?   Phew… there is just one prophecy fulfillment left. Fortunately, Charles does not fulfills (I guess) more than 27 Antichrist prophecies. This is a point where my hand is getting very tired (double ”Phew” after writing this long article first in my native Finnish and then, immediately afterward, translating it also into English).

Prophecy fulfillment #27

The fraudulence of the Antichrist’s ”Salvation” message will reveal to the whole world when he provokes China with her Eastern allies against the Western Hemisphere, causing the most terrifying war in the history of mankind, Armageddon (Daniel 11:44, Rev. 16:12-16). Fulfillment: Along with his brother Andrew, Charles is also interested in continuing the Great Game with other Super Powers over the control of Middle East’s and Central Asian’s natural resources. He has concealed this geopolitical strategy against China to the apparent ”humanitarian” concern of Tibet under the Chinese occupation. He has boycotted and insulted Chinese leaders on several occasions in the aim to restore the British imperialist influence in the Far East, which it lost in 1997 when Great Britain transferred the sovereignty of Hong Kong from United Kingdon to China. In Prince’s private letters which came to the public in 2004, he moaned this as a great tragedy.

Immonen’s only objection to this concerns passage Dan. 11:44. He says, ”DOES NOT SPEAK ON ARMAGEDDON”. Once again, Immonen does not justify his views in any way. He just sheds his views as if they were some self-evident universal truths whereof all Christians can agree with. There are different views among prophecy teachers on verses 40-45 of Daniel 11, but in general, most dispensationalists agree that Daniel 11:44 is a parallel prophecy with Revelation 16:12. According to this verse, the Antichrist would be frightened at the end of the Tribulation period by ”tidings out of the east and out of the north”. After this, ”he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”

An alternative view is that this prophecy speaks of the leader of Russia (the King of North), or Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38-39. But in my book, I have already addressed the weaknesses of this view. For example, verse 31 is parallel with Matt. 24:15, which clearly show that the King of the North (a ”vile person” from verse 21 onwards) is no one else than the Antichrist, who according to prophecies in Daniel 7 and Daniel 9 would rise inside the borders of late Roman Empire, not from Russia. Antiochus Epiphanes, whereof this prophecy spoke in its first fulfillment, was not the paragon for the prince of Gog and Magog, but the Antichrist. These two figures play a completely different role at the end time. ”Tidings out of the east and out of the north” is often understood as a reference to China (or other Far-East nations) and Russia as also Revelation 16:12 mentions ”the kings of the east” in connection with the war of Armageddon that would kill one third of the world’s human population (more than two billion people in the present world population). Such destruction in short space can only be achieved through a global thermonuclear war. The Bible thus predicts the present world era will end with the global nuclear war between the peoples of the East and the West. China is already emerging as the world’s leading economic and military superpower.

The world is clearly heading towards such conflict that the Book of Revelation predicts. In September 2017, the Newsweek magazine reported that the highest-ranking US military leader Joseph Dunford said that China would bypass North Korea and Russia as the greatest threat to US national security by 2025. China even builds up the ”way of the kings of the east” in preparation for Armageddon, as mentioned in Revelation 16:12 (I am speaking of China’s OBOR enterprise). According to Book of Revelation, however, it would be the Antichrist from the West who will provoke kings of the East to war against the West (Rev. 16:13). Prince Charles also fulfills the biblical prophecy in this regard. His eager support to the Dalai Lama, the archenemy of Red China, to Tenzin Gyatso, who pretends to be an innocent sheep, has already sparked a hostility towards the west in the Chinese Communist Party.

In fact, Prince Charles has never sought to hide his contempt for Red China. This is not because he is such a lover of freedom and democracy who is concerned only about the human rights of Tibetan peoples, but because he uses the Dalai Lama as a propaganda weapon against Chinese regiment. His motive is rather neo-imperialism than genuine concern for Tibetans. His brother Andrew’s statement on the ”return of the New Great Game” – revealed by WikiLeaks – shows that the United Kingdom is still interested in continuing its imperialist policy of the 19th Century. Only this time this ”game” is between eight nuclear states and its aim is to get a hand into the Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil pipes and other big prizes of the New Great Game. It is a game between the great powers, which has been ongoing for almost two centuries and explains most of recent history and power politics in the Middle East. This is the most fatal game in the history of the world, which will ultimately lead to the deaths of billions of people and the end of the present world as we know it. But after that, Jesus Christ will return to the earth and end this madness of our world leaders.

Read more in articles: 


Finally, Immonen points out proudly, after ”knocking down” every one of my prophecy fulfillment one at a time: ”Well, I repeat yet: if you want to have a conversation with me in the holiness of the Bible and in incomplete understanding, do so with these writings.” Then he quotes Matt. 22:29: ”Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” Dear Pekka, you yourself do err because you do not know my own writings, let alone Scriptures of the Bible. You look down at my ministry, which has often been a very lonely and rocky road covered with tears, with a very depreciatory contempt. I do not want to make a martyr of myself, but I also do not give dignity to people who see my ministry with this kind of scorn. Yet you still are my beloved brother in Jesus Christ. This does not change even if we are eschatologically at a completely different wavelength. Our place in the Body of Christ is not based on a common view of the end times but on the common Head that of that body that unifies every limb and cell, namely Jesus Christ, who has redeemed our both sins by carrying them on the Cross of the Calvary for you and me.

The counter-arguments you gave to all 27 prophecy fulfillment in my book were hardly worthy of responding. In the future, I will only engage in a constructive debate with people who are really familiar with the content and the basics of my book. It is not about whether I’m right or wrong. I can be as well wrong since no human being is infallible. This service has given to my life a purpose, so I do not regret it even if I’m wrong. This is also not an achievement of which I could proudly tell others, as most people have a very prejudiced and sardonic approach to this topic. But only through the way of shame and loneliness I have come to this place where I can write about this freely without the fear of disdain and mockery of others. I have nothing to lose in this life. I am writing this because I really believe in the strength of my arguments and I want to warn people of the coming Antichrist, who will deceive the whole world and leads millions into the lake of fire. Many people may also ignore my warning as I am not academically highly educated person. I have always been very open and honest of my poor educational background and psychological problems (such as a diagnosed OCD), which have led to exclusion from society and to many social problems. I am one step away from permanent early retirement pension although I am just 30 years old.

But man achieves the greatest freedom when he ceases to focus on other people’s thoughts and instead focuses on internal assurance about his own life task and the calling made by God. Just like Jesus who ”humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross” (Philip 2:8), God does not ask us to seek the glory of men, but the glory of Him. Mahatma Gandhi said, ”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Lastly, we have to ask what is the probability that all these 27 prophecies of the Bible on the Antichrist would fulfill coincidentally in one person? Jesus, too, has fulfilled about the same amount of Messiah prophecies of the Old Testament. This probability is so astronomical as the one ratio to novemdecillion. (in the short scale of modern English usage) Many have hardly ever heard of such a number. And no wonder, there are 60 zeros behind it.

Even Scrooge McDuck does not have so much money in his money bin. This is equal to trillion x trillion x trillion x trillion x trillion. There are not even stars nearly so much in the universe (in the light of modern understanding). In fact, this would require, at least, as many multiverses as there are stars in our universe so that the number of stars in all of these multiverses would correspond to a novemdecillion.  Imagine, therefore, that you should choose the predetermined number between one and one novemdecillion. If you choose the right number coincidentally, that corresponds to a probability that Prince Charles would coincidentally fulfill these all 27 prophecies of the Antichrist (and this calculation does not even take into account the internal coincidences of those prophecy fulfillment, such as Prince Charles’ name calculates 666 in both English and Hebrew, in two different alphabets). This is really worth considering for every intelligent person in this world.


4 vastausta artikkeliin “27 independent reasons why I believe that Prince Charles is the biblical Antichrist.

  1. Pekka Immonen sounds to be an IA cause IA cannot read and interpret a book…

    Thanks a lot for your amazing work !

    Charles (3) III (3) ’s god is the devil himself and will permit to black angels to come into light thanks to IA (with elysée frequency connection)/RGO (Graphen nano technology 666)… all terms they use are related to dark coming to light because they are jailed spirits into the obscurity (black cube is an older quantic computer with bad but major spirits recorded inside…) :

    Charles III is coronated on 6 may 2023 (6×3) and 6×4 with saturday day :

    Blood moon just the day before on 5 may 2023…

    ”It can occur up to five times a year. This takes place through the perfect alignment of the Moon, Earth and Sun. It is said that on this date, Vesak opens a sacred portal that raises consciousness and helps the soul to purify itself. It will be the 5th full moon of the year 2023 on May 5 (555).”

    ”It is not known how these cross fragments ended up in the Vatican Museum before (5mm + 1cm = 555)… A symbolic gift. To mark the coronation of King Charles III, the pontiff offered two fragments of the cross on which Jesus was crucified according to the Vatican. These fragments, one five millimetres, the other one centimetre, were incorporated into a silver cross, known as the Welsh Cross, created in the name of the King to mark the centenary of the Anglican Church in Wales. This cross will be used at the head of the coronation procession. ”

    6 month, 6 weeks et 6 days (240 days) after Elisabeth II funerals on 19/09/2022

    47 days between 6 May and solstice summer 3×6 3×7 (33 67) combinated, on wenesday 21 June 2023.
    47 is the Messia in hébraïc numeration and christian numeration and the next and comming présidents Russia and USA will be the 47th …

    Good luck
    Bless you

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    1. Thanks for the comment and info, Veracruz.

      I almost regret now that I mentioned Pekka Immonen’s name here publicly since later he sent me a much friendlier email messages.

      Interesting times. You can read also my Finnish blog post, with the Google translation tool which is on my website. I just wrote about the coronation and my thoughts on it.



  2. lozenge Mark of the Beast 666 – zona prohibida 481 at here:

    lozenge is logical negation of the CROSS (invertion of svastika cross)
    lozenge in Estruscan divinity vatika (vatican)


    Rhombohedron: 8 vertices (SS) – 12 stops (66) – 6 diamonds ”These properties are important in crystallography, and make it possible to explain the relationship between trigonal, hexagonal and cubic crystal systems. The cube combines these particular properties, and is therefore a special case of rhombohedron.”
    FRENCH FM knows ALL:



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