A 5-star customer review on Amazon

This book is extremely timely with the King’s coronation coming up in the first week of May 2023— a must-read for real time prophecy buffs. Tuominen’s chronicle of Isaac Newton’s research regarding the profound importance of identifying the Antichrist provides a sturdy historical foundation for the book’s mission.

The overwhelming intrigue in the wide angle lens life story of the “man of lawlessness” provides the fuel for the jetpack ride of Tuominen’s first nine chapters.

The remaining chapters, for the uninitiated, provide a replete education in the historic panoramic background for this man who has been on the world’s television stage since his birth. “To Whom the Majesty of Kingship…” gives an indispensable “heads up” for soon approaching, unprecedented, global events. The question on the book’s cover is resoundingly answered, “Yes!, Yes!, Yes!”.