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We’ve all heard many theories regarding the identity of the antichrist. They are riddled throughout history. But there has been no credible person that also fits into the current last days scenario we are living in. The prophecies of Jesus and the prophets in the Old and New Testament are lined up like dominoes, waiting for that gentle touch that will usher in the final 7 years.

Mr. Tuominen has spent some 20 years studying the subject of ”who is the antichrist” and this 400+ page book documents his evidence that the man he believes could be the antichrist, is alive and among us and meets all the criteria of the prophets including Jesus, Daniel and John the author of the Revelation.

This antichrist candidate’s upbringing, his position of authority, his world view, his personality, his family history, his personal genealogy and his recent rise in power mark him as THE man ”watchers” for the Lord’s return should be paying attention too. Not out of fear, but warning for those who will be left behind and the eternal choice they will have to make.