To Whom The Majesty of Kingship Has Not Been Conferred – The Antichrist Revealed? A couple 5-star reviews about my English book on Amazon.

If you are an English-speaking reader of my blog, and you have read my 426-page English book, please, go to give your honest review about it on online store It will help those customers who are not sure if my book is worth to read or not and increase its sales and visibility greatly. I am not asking a positive reviews for my book, I just ask your honest review. English is not my first language, so it was not an easy task to write a non-fiction book on eschatology in English, but I did my best, and if I managed to do it well, I give all glory to God. But if I didn’t do it so well, I am also ready to listen to and to learn from your constructive criticism. I add here two 5-star reviews my book just received on If you have read my book, you can add there your own perspectives what did you like in my book or what you did not like. Or you can tell more why other Christians (or non-Christians) should be interested on this book and read it with open mind and curiosity. You can tell what new you have learned by reading my book, why it is important book, why it should raise a discussion and debate, is there any alternative perspectives that I have not taken into account, etc.

We’ve all heard many theories regarding the identity of the antichrist. They are riddled throughout history. But there has been no credible person that also fits into the current last days scenario we are living in. The prophecies of Jesus and the prophets in the Old and New Testament are lined up like dominoes, waiting for that gentle touch that will usher in the final 7 years.

Mr. Tuominen has spent some 20 years studying the subject of ”who is the antichrist” and this 400+ page book documents his evidence that the man he believes could be the antichrist, is alive and among us and meets all the criteria of the prophets including Jesus, Daniel and John the author of the Revelation.

This antichrist candidate’s upbringing, his position of authority, his world view, his personality, his family history, his personal genealogy and his recent rise in power mark him as THE man ”watchers” for the Lord’s return should be paying attention too. Not out of fear, but warning for those who will be left behind and the eternal choice they will have to make.

February 1, 2023:

This review was from American who commented recently to my December interview and asked me three questions:

  • Is King Charles’ title change from Prince to King still fit the 666 scenario?
  • How do you feel about his age? Which I would think speeds up the last days timeline.
  • Do you think his son William, by default, fits the criteria as well? I have read your book in English and found in it the most credible evidence for any supposed antichrist claim.

My answer to him was the following:

Hi Tom. Thanks for your good questions. I think that criteria of Revelation 13:18 you mentioned is still relevant even though Charles has lost his title that calculates 666. And reason for that is because that criteria was meant to be recognized by the Church BEFORE the reign of the Antichrist. It says:

”Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man. and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.”

So this verse urges the students of biblical prophecy to identify this person from his name that calculates 666. There is no reason to identify this person from his name during his 42 months global reign because at that time everyone will know (at least everyone who takes the Word of God seriously) that this person is the Antichrist of whom Scriptures warned us.

His age is not issue right now, in my opinion, but it will be perhaps in 2038 (or earlier) if he has not fulfilled his role as the foretold Antichrist until then. I don’t think that William would fulfill so many criteria about this man as Charles does. He, for example, does not have the name which calculates 666. He is not this despised crown prince of whom Daniel 11:21 prophesied about. He is not plotting behind the scenes (at least to the same extent than his father is) with persons like Klaus Schwab to establish the one world government. He has not the same connection to Israel and the Middle East ”peace process” as his father has, etc, etc.

Another 5-star book review on Amazon:

This book is extremely timely with the King’s coronation coming up in the first week of May 2023— a must-read for real time prophecy buffs. Tuominen’s chronicle of Isaac Newton’s research regarding the profound importance of identifying the Antichrist provides a sturdy historical foundation for the book’s mission.

The overwhelming intrigue in the wide angle lens life story of the “man of lawlessness” provides the fuel for the jetpack ride of Tuominen’s first nine chapters.

The remaining chapters, for the uninitiated, provide a replete education in the historic panoramic background for this man who has been on the world’s television stage since his birth. “To Whom the Majesty of Kingship…” gives an indispensable “heads up” for soon approaching, unprecedented, global events. The question on the book’s cover is resoundingly answered, “Yes!, Yes!, Yes!”.

February 6, 2023

This review was from a Christian man from Canada with whom I have been in email correpondence lately. He contacted me when reading my book, and was very pleased when I answered to his emails (I generally try to answer for every new reader who will contact me through my email but if there will be more of those people in the future, it could be more challenging). So those were first written reviews on my book on I should perhaps send my book for free to some famous Christian influencers and ask them to give their review on my book, but I don’t know to whom I should send it, and who would be right persons to give their opinion about it. I have also contacted to some Christian book stores in Australia and tried them to get my book on their sales list.



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